Kuvöser exponerar bebisar och personal för höga magnetfält

Inkubatorer exponerar både bebisar och personal för förhöjda nivåer av elektromagnetiska fält, dvs 0,2-10 mikroTesla. ”RESULTS: We retrieved 15 papers that described the EMF exposure in incubators and their biological effects on babies. EMF levels in incubators appear to be between 2 and 100 mG, depending on the distance of the mattress from the electric engine. In some cases they exceed this range. These values interfere with melatonin production or with vagal tone. Even caregivers are exposed to high EMF, above 200 mG, when working at close contact with the incubators. CONCLUSION: EMF have been described as potentially hazardous for human health, and values reported in this review are an alert to prevent babies’ and caregivers’ exposure when close to the incubators. A precautionary approach should be adopted in future incubator design, to prevent high exposures of newborns in incubators and of caregivers as well” Kommentar: från 0,2-0,4 mikroTesla (2-4 mG) har förhöjd risk för cancer observerats vid långtidsexponering.  Bellieni et al. 2017